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Split from Rugby Football Union in 1895, the professionals started their own sport, Rugby League. Northerners, mostly workers, who were too poor to play rugby for amusement are the professionals. They were paid to play the game. Northern Rugby Football Union managed the Rugby League in the early days, now the governing body changed its name to Rugby Football League.

Gameplay and rules

The need for money shaped the rules of Rugby League. Excitement is what will allure the fans, so they changed the rules and the point system. A rugby league consists of 13 members, less players means there will be more space to run. A try is worth 4 points, penalty is awarded with 2 points and a drop goal is worth 1 point. Rugby League is more similar to American football, it is fast paced and simple than the Rugby Union.

A tackle is a key difference of how the Rugby League is played. Following a tackle, the opponent must let go of the ball carrier and his team will move 10 meters backward. The carrier kicks the ball to his opponent and he will get the ball forward. Rugby League allows six tackles to be continued in succession after which the opposing team gets the ball.

Popular competitions

Rugby League World Cup is the international tournament which contains all the nations from the world. Apart from that, National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia and Super League are the widely followed leagues. Super League is the tier one competition in England, it was inaugurated in 1996. A total of 12 teams play in the Super League. Institued in 1998, National Rugby League consists of 16 teams and is the tier one tournament. Canada and America are embracing Rugby lately as well. North American Rugby League was formed in 2021 and 14 teams contest in the competition. In United States, USA Rugby League, California Rugby League and Midwest Rugby league have already been contested.

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