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The history of Rugby is fascinating. Origin of several other games like football and American football. William Webb Ellis is known to be the inventor of Rugby. While in a school football match, Ellis took the ball and ran with it. This is believed to be the starting point of the game. Widely, people refer to Rugby Union when they say rugby.

Rugby Football Union

Rugby Football Union, the governing body for Rugby Union was formed in 1871. Amateurs who loved the sport and weren't paid for doing it were the early members of Rugby Football Union. Nearly all of the Rugby Union teams are from the Southern England. A split occurred later in 1895, the professionals formed the Northern Rugby Football Union. Eventually they started the Rugby League.

Rules & Format

Rugby Union, has diverged from Rugby League because of its rules. The concept of both Rugby Union and Rugby League is the same at the core, a player should run with the ball towards the in-goal area. One can pass the ball sideways or backwards, not forwards.

Differences between Rugby League and Rugby Union

However, there are some key differences. In Rugby Union, a tackle is contested. Which means, after a tackle is made, the ball carrier must let go of the ball. Either his own teammate or an opponent can take the ball and run with it. The chaos unfolding during a tackle is known as the ruck. A rugby union team consists of 15 members, a try is worth 5 points, a penalty is worth 3 points, and a drop goal is worth 3 points. Though every game of rugby needs physical strength, Rugby Union requires more tactical skill and strategical ideas.

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